December is an ideal time of the year to look into one’s stock of seeds, to sort them out and decide which ones to sow. I try to collect seeds from fertile plants from one year to the other. It allows each generation to be more and more adapted to its environment.
It is also a good occasion for the gardener to organise their crops for the upcoming months.

I use to store my seeds in old envelops inside metal or cardboard boxes. Seeds need to be kept in a dry, dark and not too hot place. Be careful about labelling them thoroughly (name, variety, year, place of origin), making sure they won’t mix with one another.


Interested in the principles of degrowth and in leading a simpler lifestyle, I’m gardening with love in the French Northwest. Wishing to live out of this passion, I was lead to open this online shop in order to sell seeds from plants I’m growing, without any chemical product. You can learn more about my career here.
I plan to share my experiences with you, and also maybe my thoughts, reflections and research.
I also have a deep interest in mythology, folklore and history, and this impacts my gardening approach, would it only be in the selection of crops I’m growing.