Physalis jam

Physalis are delicious when they’ve ripen. In my area they last outside until the first frosts, but the last fruits do not reach maturity. Thus I like to make jam with this delicious fruits.

I use a winter harvest for this recipe, which works as well with ripe fruits. I remove the fruits from their husks, keep all those which have ripen (they are orange) or are green but undamaged. I wash them, add a lemon and weight the fruits. I’ll need to use half as much sugar.

I then cut the lemon in a few pieces. I put it in a pan with the physalis fruits and a bit of water. I add sugar and cook the content over a low heat.

I keep an eye on the process and use a ricer to mash the fruits when they start to be cooked. When the content looks like jam I turn the fire off. I pour the content in a pot that was washed and boiled beforehand in order to be disinfected. I close the pot and turn it down until the jam cools off.

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